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Shirts: Contact Steven Chenevey

I have the info on the apparel order we all want. GOTLOGO Pontiac. I will be giving it a shot at being the contact and handling the money and delivery. I live in Lugoff. I will work out shipping costs so people will not to wait for an event to get items, especially important to our Charleston members (the prepaid garment boxes thru USPS are pretty affordable). I have no experience at this so suggestions and patience are asked. I have a PayPal account and figure that will be a good method for payments. You can mail payments or see me in person at an event, or drop it by the house if your close. I will be posting an Excel file in the file tab soon that we can all access to track orders and payments. Feel free to message me, or call me, or text me with questions. (330)685-3941,

Info needed for orders:

Item type (mens tee, ladies tee, tank, hoodie, ect)
Item color
Item size
Ink color

I am ready to start compiling orders, feel free to put in your order anytime.

Below is the info from Almightees including his contact info if you want to contact him personally.

Hanes Tagless Tee will cost $6.00 ea. Small – XL / $8.00 ea. 2X / $9.50 ea. 3 – 4X
Hanes Tagless Long Sleeve Tee will cost $9.00 ea. Small – XL / $11.00 ea. 2X / $13.00 ea. 3X…/5586-tagless-long-sleeve-t-shirt/

Hanes Womens Nano Tee and an Anvil ladies tank top that will cost $8.00 ea. Small – XL / $9.50 ea. 2X…

Hanes Womens Nano V-Neck Tee will cost $9.00 ea. Small – XL / $10.50 ea. 2X

Full-zip 50/50 hoodie will cost $15.00 ea. Small – XL / $18.00 ea. 2X / $20.00 ea. 3X…/p180-comfortblend-ecosmart-full-…/

Pullover 50/50 hoodie will cost $14.00 ea. Small – XL / $17.00 ea. 2X / $19.00 ea. 3X…/p170-comfortblend-ecosmart-pullo…/

Terry had asked me this: can we specify color of print to go on a specific color shirt? I can do that but I would prefer to have a dozen shirts with each shirt color. If not I will be forced to charge $5.00 per ink change.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.


Gary Williams
Almightees Screen Printing – Signs & Graphics
412 Laurel Rd. Lexington, SC 29073

Notice the ink change fee. If we do not get 12 items per ink color, someone will have to eat this fee! I will be starting an order for white ink and will almost make the 12 items myself. We can either wait until we reach 12 items per color, or we can split the color change fee if there is more than one order for that color. We all want shirts and ink to match our cars so we will have to be willing to ante up. The prices quoted are very low imo, these shirts are much cheaper than I expected.

Here is a link for the tag less mens shirts shirts showing available colors. I will see about links for the other items.