​Late 2015 we introduced the idea of all of the Mustang World coming together on April 17th and driving their Mustang. Thus National Mustang Day was born. The idea is to let the world know April 17th is owned by the Mustangs.
We expected 7,000 to 8,000 Mustang enthusiasts to sign up for the free window decal and create a Mustang activity with their Club that we could share on the National Mustang Day website.
Well, we grossly underestimated that number!!! We received close to 15,000 signups for National Mustang Day.
Each year the decal and vehicle image will change. This year the decal has a navy background with the outline of an early generation Mustang.
For the 2017
Again, the goal is to register as soon as possible to allow us to list the clubs/groups/individuals participating on the National Mustang Day website, along with details of their planned activities.

In keeping with the idea of the National Mustang Day charity or club fundraising, the proceeds from the sale of the 2017 National Mustang Day window decals will go to the Mustang Owner’s Museum, as the Museum is planning on a National Mustang Day event.
An additional part of the 2017 National Mustang Day will include a section on the website listing:

The club/company with the most Mustangs taking part in their activity.
The longest cruise by club/company/individual.
The most club members attending the National Mustang Day event at the Mustang Owner’s Museum.

We look forward to making the 2017 National Mustang Day an even larger event, by putting more Mustangs on the road.
Time to let us know your National Mustang Day plans!


2017 National Mustang Day
Event  Concord, NC

The Mustang Owner’s  Museum is planning a very special National Mustang Day Event for the Mustang World on April 14-17, 2017 in Concord, NC.
On Friday April 14th, attendees can pick up their registration packet at the host hotel, Hampton Inn, and then join Steve and Ron who will be grilling hamburgers and hot dogs for attendees in the parking lot of the host hotel.  Bring your chairs and BYOB to enjoy a very relaxing evening.

On Saturday the NMD Event moves to the Cabarrus Arena for a one day car show, with seminars hosted by Mustang VIP’s.
That evening the Saturday Night Banquet will begin at 6:30PM at the Cabarrus Arena, with a special VIP speaker.  Stay tuned for the announcements on the VIPs attending the National Mustang
Day Event.

For Sunday, the focus of National Mustang Day will be on the Mustang Museum.  The location for Sunday will depend on the number  of registered guests, as we plan to offer a preview of the Mustang Museum including details for the Grand Opening.

On Monday April 17th the National Mustang Day Event Cruise heads to the Petty Garage, less than two hour drive from Concord, NC.
At the Petty Garage, the attendees will have the opportunity of  visiting the Petty Museum, along with a BBQ Lunch.

Be sure to go to to learn more about the event or sign up!